april silverman

April became interested in movement when she realized that regular conditioning can not only aid in everyday life, but can enhance creative movement and breath. She studied Theater Arts at Portland State University and went on to complete a degree in Music at Hunter College in Manhattan. April witnessed all of her educational skills come together when she completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program with the world renowned Ellie Herman at her Brooklyn studio. Pilates enforces and sharpens many important tools April used in dance, theatrics, and vocal performance. She learned to be aware of the body, breath, and alignment through an even more precise avenue.

April continues her studies with workshops in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. She sharpened her rehabilitation training working in physical therapy with injured clients and members of our US olympic teams.The idea that Pilates is not only a practice, but a lifestyle has helped her to introduce new clients to the repertoire as well as challenge more advanced clients with their practice. “When we start to feel our brain and body communicate to make us consistently live in a better space everyday, we are always succeeding.”



Celine Syslo received her BFA in Dance Performance on scholarship from Arizona State University in 2010. Shortly after graduating, she moved to New York City to pursue her career in movement. She has had the privilege of working with a number of local artists and is currently a company member of Suzanne Behars Dance. Celine was introduced to Pilates in college where she studied under Virgina Nicholas of Moving Breath Pilates in Tempe. Celine is excited to have completed her certification through Ellie Herman Pilates teacher training program and looks forward to continuing to share her love of movement through teaching.





Sarah has been practicing Pilates since 2012. She received her BA from Point Park University in 2013 and completed her Pilates certification through Ellie Herman in 2015.  Sarah is a movement practitioner, freelance performer, as well as a farmer and crew leader at The Youth Farm.  Her approach towards movement is to focus on mindful awareness of how the body moves and establish what movement is necessary to live pain-free.  Sarah specializes in teaching people with little background experience in movement, as well as rehab Pilates.  Her passion in life is to practice and explore ways to live a sustainable, happy life through movement and farming!




Flannery is a Pilates teacher, movement practitioner, and choreographer based in New York City. Originally from California, she studied movement practices and dance at the University of California, Los Angeles. It was in college where she began researching anatomy, alignment, and ways of moving the body efficiently. She was introduced to Pilates and the practice became a way to maintain strength and build healthier movement patterns. After she moved to the City, she became certified in Pilates through Ellie Herman Studios. She’s been teaching in Brooklyn and Manhattan since 2014 and is thrilled to be a member of the fabulous April Nicole Studios’ team!



Kelly Morrisette is a North Carolina native and a lifelong mover with a background in classical ballet.  Upon moving to NYC she pursued an interest in Pilates as a way to get back in shape, and found that it changed her not only physically but her whole outlook on life.  After a few years, she decided to deepen and expand her knowledge of the practice and received certification from Ellie Herman Studios.  An analytic thinker, Kelly applies logic and mindfulness to her approach as a Pilates instructor.  She has an intrinsic knowledge of the body and movement that allows her her to explain the mind-body connection to her clients.  Giving those she works with a new found functionality by feeling stronger and empowered, is what Kelly strives to achieve with each session. 





georgia gavran

Georgia is a movement artist and choreographer based in Brooklyn, NY. When the isn't dancing, the Wisconsin native enjoys blending her knowledge of movement with the fundamental principles of Pilates. Georgia was first introduced to Pilates while studying at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, where she holds a BFA in Dance Performance. Georgia explored Pilates to further her knowledge of the human anatomy, in hope to understand movement in all of its flows. After taking just one class she found herself hooked to both the science aspect of Pilates, but also the immediate improvements she felt in her dancing and overall health. After graduating college, she moved to New York City eager to dance and continue the exploration and movement of Pilates. It was in the city where she was trained in BodyTonic's certification program that lead her to becoming a teacher.



megan medley

Megan Medley was born and raised in Kentucky where she grew up dancing. Her loves of movement, dance, and theatre led her to the movement intensive program of Butler University (BA-Theatre, French), through which she was able to study abroad in France, becoming fluent in the language and falling in love with the culture. From there she moved on to her graduate studies at the Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Play House MFA Acting Program. During this program, she discovered Pilates and the myriad benefits it brought into her life. Megan's Pilates training specializes in mindful movement, coordination of breath within movement, cultivating intimate mind-body connection, and implementing these disciplines in the performing arts. Pilates has brought knowledge, freedom, and joy into Megan's life, and she can't wait to share it all with you!


tara hemmer

Brooklyn transplant, Tara hails from the mountains of Northeast Georgia. A graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Dance and English, Tara is an active creator, dancer, performer, and teacher. From a young age, she has felt the need to move. Lucky enough to have had the opportunity to shake, rattle, and roll, she has been whizzing around the stage, backyard, abandoned home, etc for the majority of her years. She has always been attracted to the universality of dance,  and has always been interested in safe, anatomically sound, and inclusive movement modalities. Upon moving to New York, she furthered this interest by continuing her movement education through the Kane School of Core Integration with Kelly Kane. Tara is motivated by a belief in the healing properties of movement, and loves nothing more than the questions that arise both physically and mentally within it. Tara sees Pilates as an athletic healing modality that provides a foundation for bodies to endure, grow, and support. Focusing on proper biomechanics, access to breath, and self awareness,  she aims to provide sessions that are exploratory, empowering, flow-driven, and positive.