"April is an incredible trainer whose knowledge of the body is unreal. Unlike other studios I've visited, April Nicole Studios emphasizes the importance of understanding the exercises rather than just going through the motions. April always knows when moving my hand a half-inch or changing the angle of my foot will make all the difference, and perhaps more importantly, she helps me understand why that is the case. I've been taking private sessions twice a week for the past six months, and--though it's hard to say this without sounding cliché-- April has truly changed my relationship with my own body. Not only have our sessions given me greater awareness of and control over my body, but they have also had a noticeable impact on my flexibility, muscle tone, and posture. I've never been someone who loves working out, but I look forward to my sessions with April every week. So glad to have this studio in the neighborhood!"  --Tess G


"I've taken Pilates classes at other studios, but I've now found my new "home" at April Nicole studios. The team really focuses on quality -- making sure you're doing the movements correctly, you're aligned, and you're breathing right. April hires people that share a similar philosophy, so the classes are consistent. The private lessons are great; they'll of course tailor the class based on your needs, and as April gets to know you, she'll recommend a good instructor for your needs. The spring classes are also really fun, combining mat pilates with exercises you'd normally do on a cadillac. The icing on the cake? April is such a kind person and runs a great business. The studio has a cool, unpretentious vibe and I feel is very reasonable given the quality of Pilates instruction you're getting. Really, there aren't enough positive things I could say about this place!" --Natalie P.


"I just started going here a couple of weeks ago, and I can already tell you that it's FABULOUS.  I am currently out of shape and over weight and the thing that I love most about April Nicole Studios, is that I never feel uncomfortable. The instructors all have different personalities and teaching styles so you never get bored.  I already notice that my posture is better and my abs "hurt so good".  I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to feel good and get in shape. I'm hooked." --Jade O.


"April Nicole and her studio are so wonderful. I am an instructor that works at a different studio in nyc, but comes here when I want a very deep wonderful session. I would highly recommend everyone there!" --Jennifer F.


"I came to Pilates as someone who has suffered for the last few years with back and neck problems (thanks to sitting infront of a computer 8-10 hours per day for 10 years). I can honestly say I'll never look back. Through the private lessons I've done over the last few months with April, the progress has been remarkable. My posture, both sitting and standing has changed, even the way I walk - and all very much for the better - I feel at least 1/2 inch taller. April has a excellent teaching manner, and the knowledge to back it up. Her notes as you work are clear, constructive and concise - this is what makes the difference.  The studio has a warm neighborhood feel, and April herself is an absolute pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend this studio - it's a very welcome addition to the neighborhood." --Keith B.


"I was new to pilates before I came here, but I've been taking pilates with both April and Amy for almost a year now. I can honestly say that they've transformed the way I stand, sit and walk -- it seems basic, but they really care about form and making sure you feel strong and fit. It's definitely a work out, but you don't feel like it's forced exercise. The classes are great, too -- super intimate and the instructors adjust the exercises for the class and what the students that day want to focus on. Really can't say enough good things about April's studio. Highly recommend taking a private session and seeing how you feel." --Rebecca A



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